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Beat Ventures

Current Portfolio

Völur is creating a more sustainable and optimized meat processing industry by combining data and AI to ensure optimal use of every animal

Stack AI enables any developer to build and deploy production-ready enterprise-level large language model (LLM) applications in minutes

Truewind is using generative AI to help companies efficiently manage their finance back-office

Bitpart AI is using generative AI to enhance character behaviors and conversations in gaming

Treehouse simplifies electrification through software-enabled Installation-as-a-Service

Fishtail uses AI to digitize, automate, and de-risk trade finance

Safe is a data privacy/messaging company that keeps email communication safe and secure


AI-powered experience that transforms the world around you into an immersive digital playground


On-chain automation

AI-enabled analytics platform for all business teams, no technical knowledge required

Middleware is an AI-powered
cloud observability platform that helps identify, understand, and fix issues across cloud infrastructure.

Operant AI

Operant AI builds application security powered by runtime analytics and enforcement across every layer

Github for AI/ML large datasets

Hireguide uses AI and natural language processing to help companies hire excellent, diverse talent

Mentorcam facilitates 1:1 advice and feedback from high-profile experts

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